Welcome to the Vitamin D Revolution! A Message from Dr. Soram

I am very excited about the possibility of improving the health of our country and indeed the entire world by helping every person and every member of your family, to achieve normal—or even better—optimal Vitamin D levels so that all the benefits of this pro-hormone may improve your quality of life and extend your years of healthy living.
I look forward to taking you on this Vitamin D adventure with the hopes that you will become as excited about this inexpensive, easy to obtain “Vitamin” as I am.
Soram Khalsa, MD

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3 Responses to “Welcome to the Vitamin D Revolution! A Message from Dr. Soram”

  1. While I was at my annual check up, my GYN explained to me how Vitamin D is a good supplement to help fight colon and breast cancer, amongst other postiive health benefits. I have been taking calcium+D+K for about 5+ years now and is very glad that I have been doing something good.

    Thank you for sharing this website with me.. I hope all of your viewers will see the importance of this Vitamin and will take immeidate action on supplementing it everyday.

  2. Where do I buy Vitamin D. I don’t like to buy just any vitamins. Thank you

  3. Hello:
    I’m very interested in buying the vitamin D from your wab but I can;t due to some restriction
    Please advice