Vitamin D From Food

Some health experts and nutritionists insist that we can get access to sufficient supplies of Vitamin D from eating food rich in Vitamin D.

A plethora of press releases have alerted the world about the health implications of Vitamin D deficiency. Reporters are interpreting the findings, and interviewing doctors, nutritionists and health professionals for their opinions regarding the veracity of the scientific findings. Laypersons are voicing their opinions through their blogs and comments on Websites. While it is interesting to read people’s varying voices of reason, it only creates confusion for the average person who is looking for solid information upon which to base their health decisions

There is much conflicting information about the presence of Vitamin D in food. Some avid proponents of healthy eating cling to the belief that all of our nutrition can come from eating a balanced and healthy diet. While this ideal is admirable, there are a few considerations about diet that remain a fact for most North Americans.

You can’t eat enough fish, eggs or mushrooms to get adequate—let alone optimal Vitamin D

  1. If ‘food experts’ don’t know that the Vitamin D content in food is inadequate to reap health benefits, how can the average person be expected to know about the Vitamin D content in food?
  2. Most people do not eat healthy balanced diets and will never achieve adequate Vitamin D levels from diet alone.
  3. There simply are not enough foods that naturally contain enough Vitamin D to raise your blood levels of Vitamin D to an optimal level.
  4. Foods fortified with Vitamin D do not contain uniform amounts of the substance and may not contain the amount of Vitamin D reported on the packaging.
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One Response to “Vitamin D From Food”

  1. I agree that the food we eat from the supermarket is defficient of the natural and abundant vitamins it is supposed to have. Having said that, it seems better to shop at the green market from small farms with a certain radius from home. Thank you