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I apologize to all my readers with questions that there was no way to REGISTER on my forum.

That is now FIXED and I love your questions. So let me know !

We have a vitamin D Section and another Section with questions about  Integrative Medicine.

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14 Responses to “The Vitamin D Forum is UP!”

  1. Other readers may like to know there is a full text paper discussing much of this research online here.

  2. Thanks for that article link Edward ! I love the work Dr Hollis and colleagues are doing to get pregnant and nursing women on more vitamin D

  3. I have read the Vitamin D deficiency is common in Crohn's disease, and even more recently that it may be implicated as a possible cause of Crohn's. Do you have any more information on this? How much Vit. D should a person with Crohn's Disease take daily?

  4. Melissa
    it is best to get a blood test and follow directions in chapter 5 of my book after you review with a doctor. Try to get your blood levels between 40-70 ng/ml which is what I advise all my patients

  5. Great reference Edward! Thanks!
    Dr Soram

  6. What is a good dosage for a person who has a Vitamin D level of 30 and just finished chemotherapy for colon cancer? Is it ok to take 10,000 IU's per day?

  7. Bobbie I am glad you are interested in Vitamin D since some studies have shown a deficiency in D is related to colon cancer. I cannot tell you what dose to take as I do not know your current blood level ! But I can tell you that 10,000 IU per day for a long time will probably be too much.

    Ask your oncologist to do a vitamin D level on you and then show him/her chapter 5 in my book for what I do with my patients. Then the 2 of you can decide what is best for you.
    Dr Soram

  8. Hi There,

    I was diagnosed with vit d deficiency a year ago, my levels were registered as trace amounts.

    This was all after a couple of years of joint ache especially in my fingers and toes, tiredness, muscle aches. first they though i had arthritis then depression but finally i had a diagnosis.

    I was then put on one alpha as the docs at my surgery had no clue – which does not register on the vit d test, i was finaly sent to see a sepcialist who then put me on adcal d3 800iu a day. i then started my own research and learnt that this was woefully in addiquate so up the dosage and have been taking around 10 000 iu a day, i have been on supplements for about 8 months now, after the summer period i got tested again and this was after alot of sun bathing ( im very darked skin ) and my levels were only up to 30ng, and this was after about a month of taking 10,000 iu

    Funny thing is during the summer my symptoms all generally started to subside,, but about 2 months ago they all came back aches and pains tiredness, cloudy mind.. pluse nuasea, lower back pain, which seems odd that my levels are supposidly at the lower level of normal.

    My doc is now referred me to a vit d specialist at one of the big hospitals..

    my question is this if my levels have increased and after a summer of relatively feeling good or better and suddenly getting these symptoms again plus additional ones, do they need to start investigating other possibilities for those symptoms.

    AS i would assume if my levels came back as 30ng for a first time vit d test result they would think nothing of it!

    I feel at the end of my tether as no ones seems to have a clue at my GP surgery, and i cant remember the last time i felt normal… a good 3 years ago maybe.

    Well any comments would be most welcome..



  9. Also in addition to my previous post, what dosage of vit d should i take if my levels are now at 32ng and we are in the mids of winter.

  10. A couple of months ago I discovered I was deficient in D (11ng/ml) and I’ve been supplementing with D3. Apart from feeling much better, I have noticed that my hair has started to grow in a normal hairline where I had lost it to a receding hairline for the past 20 years. So far it is fuzzy and white or colourless but it is growing and there appear to be sporadic ones growing with my usual hair colour. What does this indicate? (I read the studies on nude mice when I googled a connection). I’m also hypothyroid, high LDL, dry skin, fatigue and my endo noticed I had an asymmetrical posture and height difference in my shoulders which is new to me.
    Is it beneficial/safe to take zinc, magnesium and calcium supplements alongside? I too have bought 10,000iu capsules.
    Many thanks

  11. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and am morbidly obese. I got my doctor to check my Vitamin D level and this came back as 12. I was put on Calceos chewable tablets (here in the UK)which contain 400iu of Vitamin D. My calcium levels were always OK anyway. After being on the supplement I was checked again, but do not know what the number was, but was told it was normal. I was wondering whether to add in an extra 1000iu of D3 from a supplement, as I already have felt benefits from the Vitamin D.

  12. Hello Dr.Soram and thank you so much for your work. I just finished your book and I’m am amazed with what I have just read. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and I’m only 32 years old and there has been no explanation for my severe pain. It’s been almost 5 years with not one day that has been pain free…..all the doctors tell me that there is nothing they can do for me. I’m so frustrtated.

    Then I read your book. I have some hope. I was hoping to have your guidance. Since I have not had a blood test yet (but intend on getting it) do you think if I increase my vitamin D to about 5000 IU/day for about 8 weeks and then continue with 2000 IU/day after that, that it will get me to an optimal level or should I go even higher than that? This being said that I haven’t had my blood tested yet?

  13. i am 64, insulin resistant and am wondering what vit D can do to help severe anxiety and sporadic depression, clinical signs of mild bipolar. thanks, lisa

  14. Dr Soram, will vitamin D help my husband who is on dialysis. he is a 56 year old male.Thank you!